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FX Marks the Spot

Most haunted houses try gamely to slay you with their imagination.

The West Valley haunt named The Nest utilizes real-life local horror – and some badass FX – in re-enacting the rampage of 15-year-old Arizona serial killer Jacob Kell, who, guided by "voices," massacred his stepfather and 34 other people near Wenden in 1945.

The 22-acre Nest site, located on the backlot of CJS Film Studios features an eerie forest and elevated catwalks housing 60 trained actors and 10 stunt people who are hell-bent on brutally terrorizing you. We thought taking our comedian pals Buckhout and Maxwell would keep us safe, but merry Maxwell gave us a shove toward a top-hatted ghoul pointing his long finger at our eyes.

We almost went Jacob Kell on merry Maxwell.

After recovering our gumption, New Times spoke with Nest producer Glenn Rea, who's been building haunted houses his whole life. This one has been chosen as one “America’s Best Haunts” for 2009; its Rob Zombie touches include various staged scenes of violent horror-noir plus bunches of quick-moving, dead-eyed wretches.

You know, folks, constantly shrieking like a rabbit is exhausting.

Fridays, Saturdays; Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: Sept. 25. Continues through Oct. 31, 2009


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