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Ghost Writer

Author Tina May Hall will be appearing out of thin air at Changing Hands Bookstore to share her 2010 award-winning short fiction collection The Physics of Imaginary Objects.

OK, not really. However, her tales – beautifully worded journeys that produce a poetic range of emotion and intrigue – are much more than your childhood coat-hanger-hook-killer ghost stories, people.

Meet up with Hall and perhaps you can ask about the ghost in her radiator or snow shoeing to a wolf ring in the woods.

Hall’s book consists of 15 short stories and one novella that have ensured readers a haunting yet satisfying experience into unknown realms. But if you’re too busy with one of the ten thousand carbon copy vampire vs. vampire vs. werewolf atrocities polluting society right now, we’re sure she would understand.

Wed., Dec. 29, 7 p.m., 2010


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