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Gluttons for Punishment

We don't know if the timing of Glendale’s new TASTE Culinary Festival was serendipity or good planning, but hosting the gut-busting gastronomic event the week before Lent is brilliant.

Lust, envy, and wrath may be off the table, but the sin of gluttony will be impossible to deny as local restaurants including Le Chalet, SanTan Brewing, and La Piazza al Forno offer tasty comestibles and alcoholic libations to wash the gourmet grub down. The event will also include live beats from guitarist Carvin Jones and The Joe Costello Jazz Experience. Feast on everything from tacos and beer to decadent chocolate-dipped sweets from The Melting Pot; then pop a couple of antacids and worry about asking forgiveness (from your stomach) in the morning.

Sat., March 5, 5-9 p.m., 2011


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