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Go Quest, Young Men

When you’re in late teens/early 20s-hood, you may start asking all sorts of super-spiritual questions, such as, “Who am I?” and “What is my true life’s purpose?” Then you find out that the answers to such inquiries ain’t so easy and give up trying. Instead, you get married, get preggers, get fat, and get the DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket package. Basically anything that numbs you to the truth.

A couple of dudes named Michael Campo and Jeffrey Azize, dissatisfied with the typical way of being, asked similar questions, then decided to seek answers by traveling to far-out places not found on the usual backpacker’s route. The results are captured in The Human Experience, a Grassroots Films production that follows the protagonists’ quest to the forests of Ghana, the homeless neighborhoods in Peru, and the mean streets of New York City.

Mon., Jan. 26, 7 p.m., 2009


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