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Good Night, and Good Riddance

Thank the good Lord. The great-unwashed masses have left the Valley, en masse, to return whence they came. Now we can get back some après Super Bowl normalcy. Really, now. Does anyone head to Scottsdale to see people wearing the same oversize athletic jerseys at a street party? We didn't think so. We're pretty sure the only supersize things anyone wants to see in Scottsdale are implants and house-rocking DJs.

That’s why folks should turn for the Mike Giannini and Sen-Sei. Giannini, an East Coast transplant and child-prodigy DJ who spins spiky tribal-tech house with a soupçon of soul, is a regular on the L.A. underground scene. Joining the mixmaster is Sen-Sei, a Brooklyn-raised, San Francisco-based dude who’ll bring his globetrotting keyboard and 26 years of piano-playing know-how to help Giannini blow the roof off the mutha. Admission is $15 at the door, with a nod to the obligatory dress-to-impress. Implants not included.

Sat., Feb. 23, 2008


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