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Gray Matter

The writer and monologist Spalding Gray thought of himself, he said, as a collage artist. “I can’t make anything up . . . I'm cutting and pasting memories of my life. And I say, I have to live a life in order to tell a life. I would prefer to tell it because telling you're always in control, you're like God.”

Gray, who committed suicide in 2004, is still telling his own story, this time in Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell, a collection of his better-known monologues as well as many previously unpublished letters and journal entries. Co-conceived by Gray’s widow, Kathleen Russo, and director Lucy Sexton, the show is performed by the four-person cast of Ain Gordon, Carmelita Tropicana, Kevin Kling, and Josh Lefkowitz along with a celebrity guest reader from each city in which it’s presented.

Fri., Jan. 21, 8 p.m., 2011


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