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GWAR and Peace

Just two weeks after the rest of us have put away the candy and the costumes, perpetual Halloweeners and veteran shock-rockers GWAR will return to Tempe's Marquee Theater, to, yet again, school their devotees in the fine art of the mutant masquerade.

Since 1984 the Virginian heavy metal outfit has carried the torch of hyper-sexualized, phallic costumery that KISS so triumphantly lit just one decade prior. In GWAR's case, however, the torch is more of an inferno, dousing audiences in blood while decapitating celebrities, as if the band's decent musical chops serve merely as a canvas upon which to paint their evil masterpieces, with the other canvas being the blood-drenched audience.

Mon., Nov. 14, 6:30 p.m., 2011


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