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Heathens, Repent

It’s been two days since the New Year busted in on you making urgent and reckless love to your doorknob. Remember? You deposited saliva into four different strangers’ mouths (15 points/deposit), cracked jokes that didn’t cause endless suffering (7 points), and committed hara-kiri (800 points). Yet, miraculously, you concluded the night with a deficit of 450 points.

It’s high time you did something cultured to redeem your soul, heathen. You have a chance when two of Phoenix’s best artists -- Mark Klett and Carrie Marill -- exhibit at Lisa Sette Gallery. Much of Klett’s art documents the passage of time in the form of black-and-white “re-photographs” of famous Western American landscapes. Similarly, Marill’s folksy and colorful paintings provide commentary on ecological change and the relationship between urban life and nature.

Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Jan. 3. Continues through Feb. 2, 2008


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