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This is what we’ve come to: In order to have worship happen, it must be made convenient. Church attendance is down; prayer meetings are graced by fewer folks each week. And so Matt Myers, the associate pastor of Chandler Christian Church, has launched something called Drive Thru Prayer, which is precisely what it sounds like, and not a wacky musical about a bunch of nuns who open a taco stand.

Drive Thru Prayer allows parishioners the opportunity to pray for whatever they want or need without ever leaving their car. Just as one might do when ordering a cheeseburger and side of curly fries, those in need of supplication can pull directly into the parking lot of the church, roll down their window, and have someone available to pray for them.

“We want to take the church to the people and to the streets, like Jesus did,” Myers says. “We know that people are struggling financially, emotionally, with family issues or whatever. They need help. Praying inside the church and having services is nice, but the real problems are out here.”

Way out here, in fact.

The inaugural Drive Thru Prayer event takes place at the church, 1825 South Alma School Road. For more information about how to pray in your car, call 480-963-3997 or go to

Tell them Emmanuel sent you.

Thu., Sept. 3, 4-7 p.m., 2009


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