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Before you scoff at this year’s location for Edgefest 2007 -- Schnepf Farms -- let’s take you down memory lane, back to October 2006 . . .

The scene: Tempe Town Lake. Concertgoers are dancing, relaxing, and (gasp!) drinking beer at a rock concert. The city’s Parks and Recreation department gets way butt-hurt when the lead singer for 30 Seconds to Mars uses a pottymouth word, which, apparently, violates the town’s PG clause (“Tempe Town Tame,” The Bird, November 16, 2006).

Not wanting to deal with that hogwash, event sponsor The Edge FM 103.9 ditched the city and booked the righteous event out in the sticks. This year's show features Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Mute Math, and more.

Sat., Sept. 29, noon, 2007


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