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High Street

Rob Dyrdek spent 6 years trying to revolutionize skateboarding and he’s confident that the end result "will redefine the way skateboarding competitions are done forever." Said innovation is a real-time scoring system that he promises will keep tensions high as it forces the skaters to use more competition-savvy strategy.

Dyrdek’s promise will be put to the test when his brainchild, Street League Skateboarding, debuts. If the competition fails to entertain, it certainly won’t be because of a lack of skilled competitors. The event’s $1.2 million purse has lured an elite group of skateboarders, including X-Games gold medalists Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez Jr., and Chris Cole. In all, the event will feature 24 boarders who have collectively won every major street skating competition in the last four years.

Sat., Aug. 28, 1 p.m., 2010


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