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Hostin' The Machines

The human imagination has no limits when it comes to envisioning advanced machines. From trash-talking C3PO and trash-pushing WALL-E to intelligent robots that change into cars, we’ve seen it all (even if just on-screen).

While the dream of having a mechanical maid like the Jetsons may still be light years away, you can get your android fix at “Build the Robots,” a machine-themed art show celebrating Rusted Nail Gallery’s one-year anniversary on Friday, March 9.

Peep metal, vinyl, and wood robots crafted by eight artists including Aaron Voigt, Mikey Saratt, and MattA*. The opening night will also feature DJ-spun industrial tunes, robot chocolates, and a raffle. Why robots? “It's what we've become known for,” says gallery owner/artist Danny, aka rustedhalo. “Our mascot is a giant 5-foot cardboard robot that stands in our front display window.”

Fri., March 9, 6-10 p.m., 2012


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