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House Muses

AZ ain't Connecticut, so our lifestyle gurus are the anti-Martha. Namely, Patrick Murillo and Kathy Cano-Murillo, the latter of whom, Crafty Chica, has already been zazzing us up with her newspaper column, cruises, events, and new line of supplies. "La Casa Murillo: A Life-Size Shadow Box," currently showing at the downtown Heard Museum, is the next logical step: 1,000 square feet of inspired DIY pop feistiness.

To prepare, recite these affirmations: Fuchsia and lime green are neutral colors. I crave a nightstand smothered in fabric roses with a holographic Virgin Mary statue on top. If you dig a hole in Mexico, you end up in Bollywood. I want to find flecks of glitter in my bedsheets, hair, and food. I will visit the Heard, paying $3 to $10 for admission. I will call 602-252-8848 or visit

Oct. 3-Aug. 21, 2008


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