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Hula Hoopla

If we had our druthers (as well as a six-figure bank account), we’d be hanging in the Hawaiian Islands right about now, feasting on roasted pig and kicking it on sandy beaches while the rest of you desert rats were forced to endure the endless summer swelter. But since it’s pretty much hand-to-mouth mode for us these days, the closest we’re gonna get to a luau is Guaranteed Lei, a tropical-themed rave going down at the usual unspecified location (read: a repurposed vacant warehouse or industrial facility).

There probably won’t be much in the way of hula dancers or Don Ho music, haole boy, just plenty of phat drum ’n’ bass tracks courtesy of NYC’s DJ Dara (who’s fresh off the recent Planet of the Drums tour), with co-headliner DJ Sunrize spinning happy hardcore. The lineup of local DJs who’ll also be working the ones and twos at the event includes Tranzit, Dr. Gonzo, Matthew Harris, Harmonious, Phox, Sinabyte, Free-D, Sid, and Nexone, as well as Evol 1, Richard Anthony, Quentin, Reminisce, Matt Dunn, and others.


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