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Canadian rockers Japandroids claim that the title of their debut album, Post Nothing, was a pithy rebuke to those who might pigeonhole the duo in any particular sub-genre. But we know better. When Brian King and David Prowse combine the daydreamy washout of shoegaze with the spastic shrill of punk rock, the result is alluring enough to birth a genre all it's own.

Blending a keen pop sensibility into discord, King and Prowse bring achingly lovely melodies to the crest before crashing them back down into a frenetic soundscape. It’s a fitting parallel to their journey on a hype tsunami after Post-Nothing’s release back in 2009 that’s now somewhat subsided.

Presumably eager to dispel any murmurs of a sophomore slump, Japandroids have embarked on a rigorous North American tour debuting their latest material, which includes a stop in Phoenix

Mon., Sept. 5, 8 p.m., 2011


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