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Lady Killers

Showgirls and drag queens are a match made in heaven. Both tout sequined costumes, melodrama, and scantily clad gals hellbent on outshining their counterparts. But pushing a diva down a flight of stairs like Elizabeth Berkley’s Nomi in the Razzie-worthy film? That's generally frowned upon in real life.

Drag devotees and Showgirls fans alike are encouraged to doll up in their finest Versace (pronounced “vur-sayss,” of course) for Becky Bodacious’ screening of the cult classic.

A drag pre-show will set the mood for an evening of catfights and fabulousness dictated by a whoriest nails pageant. Channel your inner Nomi for a pool sex contest (the quickest and naughtiest way to become the lead dancer’s understudy) or enjoy a less vicious sip of wine before watching the rated-NC-17 flick.

Fri., Oct. 28, 8 p.m., 2011


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