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Let's Do Lunch

Herberger Theater Center's Lunch Time Theater series is, quite simply, full of win. You get a break with live entertainment for just $6. Dozens of emerging troupes get exposure to new audiences. And, in the current show, the taffeta-fetish community gets its moment: Larissa Brewington's one-act comedy Quality Time is set in a boutique where a bride-to-be and her mom shop for The Dress and discuss what the future may hold.

As a teenager in Pennsylvania, playwright and performer Brewington had a different future in mind. "I was going to be a novelist," she tells New Times. "I ended up doing some reader's theater -- it was a total forced thing, I was not going to do it -- and my dad just lost it on me and said, 'You're gonna do it.' People were responding, there were people crying -- it was incredible, and I never in my life thought I was able to elicit that kind of reaction in people. When I moved out here, I didn't have a car, so I went back to the novel writing. About two years ago, I decided, 'I can't do this. I gotta do theater again, because it's my world, it saved me' -- all that good stuff."


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