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Love Hurts

There is nothing vulgar about our vulva. Our hips are as raised as our senses. Sex is powerful and good.

Hey, we could get used to thinking like the knowledge spouting in The Punany Poets' The Head Doctor Show. It's the Love Stimulus Tour produced by and starring Jessica Holter, a poet activist who combines intensely frank sexual discussion with erotica, dancing, and comedy. Because really, what's funnier than s-e-x? Featured in HBO's Real Sex documentary, Holter (aka Ghetto Girl Blue, aka The Head Doctor) opens the show with a question and answer session, offering way better advice than your roommate's torn copy of Cosmopolitan. Delivering her poetry, Holter thrusts her imagery into your big head until there's not a dry thigh in the house. Adult film star Sinnamon Love and a sleekly muscled gentleman named Slam will accompany Holter.

Wed., Feb. 23, 8 p.m., 2011


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