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Magical Mystery

There’s no point in dressing it up: the New Orleans VooDoo are bad. No team in the Arena Football League has given up more points than the VooDoo, no team has gained fewer yards, and only one team in the league has a worse record. On paper, the VooDoo should prove to be little challenge for an Arizona Rattlers team that has been the Arena League squad to beat for the first four months of the season. The beauty of arena football, of course, is that the games are rarely so predictable when they’re actually played. Sure, the VooDoo figure to be heavy underdogs when the two teams face off at US Airways Center, 201 East Jefferson Street, on Saturday, July 13, but a few lucky bounces at the right time are all it takes to turn an underdog into a prohibitive favorite. Kickoff is at 6 p.m. Tickets start at $10 via or by calling 602-514-8383.
Sat., July 13, 2013


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