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Mail Call

Mail artists are fond of telling their fans that the mail-art movement began with Cleopatra, who had herself delivered in a rolled-up carpet to Julius Caesar thousands of years ago. Whatever its beginnings, the medium (which some say is among the longest-lasting art movements in history) has lately been enjoying a revival of sorts, thanks in part to Grand Avenue's Trunk Space. The downtown gallery is about to throw open its doors for the fourth annual "Mail Art Show" installation, in which every piece of mail art -- typically decorated letters and cards that have been sent through the postal service -- the space receives will be displayed and offered for sale.

"This is a great way to discover new talent we might not have found otherwise," says Trunk Space co-owner JRC. "It also creates an opportunity for us to give back to the community." (Profits from sales will be donated to an as-yet-unnamed local artist.)


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