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Maxwell House of Horrors

We all hid our alternative ways from our parents in high school. Punk rockers stashed spiked leather jewelry and hippies stashed, well, their stashes. If you were goth, your eyes were always burning after rubbing off the black makeup just before your folks' Caravan pulled into the student-pickup area. Funny that, out of all the high school stereotypes, those melancholy, black-garbed types would be the ones to go mainstream. Don't believe it? Then take a second to stop your millionth viewing of The Crow and turn the TV to Nickelodeon to see the cute goth chick on the children's cartoon Danny Phantom.

If you're still hanging on to your gloominess by way of Skinny Puppy shirts and endless black scarves, you should definitely hit up the Tuesday weekly Black Coffee, where you can wallow in your inner darkness with other post-adolescent goth types. The all-ages event will be graced with live performances by Ashengrace and Dust Is Noise, followed by a handful of spooky DJs.

Tue., Oct. 30, 8 p.m.-2 a.m., 2007


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