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Movin’ On Up

Westcor's interpretation of Extreme Makeover: Mall Edition at the venerable Biltmore Fashion Park gave Retail Laboratory owner Chris Bale three frigging weeks to renovate and relocate to their new home across from Victoria's Secret. Uh, thanks for the warning, guys.

But faster than you can say “we're moving,” Bale created Retail Lab 3.0, and this one looks better than ever. "I took the best ideas from both the old Roosevelt Row location and our former home at the Biltmore,” says Bale. “It's kind of cool to bring back some former elements and watch them become successful.”

Ret Lab's Grand Reopening Party features Skyy 90 and experimental cocktails by DrinkLab, as well as DJs Matt McCoy, William Fucking Reed, and Alie Cat. The store, best known for selling goods by kickass designers not carried elsewhere in Arizona, will be showing off their new fall finds, such as London-based designer Orla Kierly's line of bags, clothes, and accessories. "This is an independently owned store, and I'm proud of our independent spirit," Bale says.


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