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Sure, it's easy for people to look at pieces of art and come up with their own meanings for them, but perhaps an up-close-and-personal look at the artists themselves can give some insight, too.

That's exactly what local artist and blogger Chuck Banaszewski hopes to achieve with his collection “Photo Essays: A Pictorial Study of Four Phoenix-Based Urban Artists,” a behind-the-scenes look at four Phoenix-based artists that goes beyond just capturing them in their elements. Banaszewski, who is also a painter and actor, followed the artists for a couple of days, snapping images of them and putting together dozens of quirky photos that give glimpses into their lives.

The show, already a hit at Tempe’s Cartel Coffee Lab, recently made the move to Yucca Tap Room, where you can enjoy the works while downing a $2 can of PBR. Those who are ages 21 and older may view the exhibit for free.

June 16-July 10, 2010

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