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Natural Selections

When it comes to art, nature can be an awesome subject – or a totally boring one. We’ve seen a zillion photos of the Grand Canyon. Thomas Kinkade’s landscapes are now relegated to coffee mugs and T-shirts. And you can only look at so many of Bob Ross’ happy little trees before you realize they all look the effin' same. But local artist Carrie Marill isn’t giving up on nature.

“Flora and fauna are reoccurring themes in my work,” says Marill, whose new “Carrie Marill: Pattern Makers” exhibit continues at Lisa Sette Gallery through January 2, 2010. “Perhaps the inspiration has come from lots of time outside in the Pacific Northwest and Canada, where I try and spend most of the summer escaping the blazing sun of Arizona.”

Marill’s latest works took a cue from the willowy tree branches found in Japanese screen paintings and historic Persian patterns, although to the modern eye, the latter looks like a collection of bad Father’s Day ties.

Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Nov. 5. Continues through Jan. 2, 2009


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