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Nick Oliveri

You know what must really chap Nick Oliveri’s frequently-bare hide? Seeing ex Queens of the Stone Age bandmate Josh Homme with his new rock-legend friends and his new supergoup, just looking so fucking happy, while poor Oliveri is stuck hustling beard-wax money by playing a series of West Coast solo acoustic shows. Then again, Oliveri was never the happiest-looking guy in the first place, playing the part of the angry, disaffecting post-hardcore rocker much more convincingly than Homme, who fired Oliveri from Queens in 2004 and went on to form the star-studded Them Crooked Vultures side-project with John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl. I mean, sure, it must be nice to tour the world and get laid by dozens of articulate and exotic women, but it’s not like Oliveri needs to pull down million-dollar performance fees to know his place in life. The dude barely even needs clothes, as demonstrated by the fact that he frequently sheds them on stage. Strangely, Oliveri’s habit of performing naked (or nearly so) once got him arrested in Rio de Janeiro – a city, after all, where female TV anchors routinely perform fellatio while delivering the nightly news. What about Oliveri’s bare loins could have rattled the Brazilians so? Hmm. Maybe Homme’s the one who should be jealous.
Fri., Feb. 26, 2010


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