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No Beer Gut, No Glory

First, it's warm cans of Keystone Light in the parking lot in junior high. Then, it's chilled Miller Lite at your friend's house party. Eventually, bottles of Fat Tire or Sierra Nevada become the regulars, and knowledge of the best microbreweries in town has been established. Mix in a progression of fondling AA cups to C cups and you've got your average beer drinker.

If you really want some brewski expertise, head to Four Peaks Brewing Company and listen to Brian Yaeger, author of Red, White, and Brew: An American Beer Odyssey. The lucky dude traveled across the U.S. on a beer tour, guzzling at every stop, from fifth-generation family brewing companies to first-time microbreweries.

Wed., Oct. 29, 7 p.m., 2008


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