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From Kim Kardashian’s black eye to Courteney Cox and David Arquette designing jewelry, it seems anything goes in the name of good deeds as long as a horn toots in the process. But the community photography project “Picturing Maricopa” is decidedly toot-less.

Pairing 15 of the best local photographers with 15 nonprofit agencies in Maricopa County, the exhibit features a diverse range of images capturing daily realities and those making a quiet (yes, quiet) difference in the community. As photographer Steve Weiss says of his experience with André House of Arizona, a ministry to the homeless and poor, “I walked away from the project knowing whatever work I glimpsed in my few visits would continue daily and ceaselessly.”

Other featured photogs include Jason Koster, Betsy Schneider, Damon Sauer, and Deanna Dent.

Oct. 26-Dec. 6, 2009

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