Notes From The Underground

There's something super-compelling about the feeling of old letters and notes from a lover in your hands. Not so much when you’re clicking around your inbox to find e-mails expressing similar sentiments.

The inaugural Underground Publishing Convention celebrates the human connection, spreading the paper love at various venues. ’Zine queen Jacki O, musician/comic artist Brandon Huigens, and writer Camilla Orr – all veterans of the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco – thought it was time to bring together local and national purveyors of self-published writings, music, and other works to help nurture Phoenix's burgeoning DIY scene. The event will feature skill-share sessions where folks can learn about things like screenprinting and beer-brewing. Plus, there are some sweet afterparties scheduled, such as UPC's very own stage at The Real Coachella music bash at Trunk Space on Saturday night.

Fri., April 24, 2009

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