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Odd Future

Predictions of the end times are always a tricky undertaking. Everyone from Nostradamus to Bible-thumping yahoos have whiffed out. Reacting to such prognostications, though, is much easier: Go live it up. The newish multimedia art collective Insatiable Strange does just that with a sci-fi- and eschatologically-themed exhibition opening Friday, December 21.

Mixed media art from Brianna Belong, Kadence Clark, Clay Martin, Priscilla Sundee, Ronald Vasquez, and Morgan Zwicky covers the walls of the art venue in the name of Insatiable Strange. Live performances from the crew include music from Mystery System, Rosemary Claymation, and jazz guitarist Andrew Kendall, as well as a dance performance from The Killettes.

Fri., Dec. 21, 6 p.m., 2012


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