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Trish JusTrish is at home. More or less.
Trish JusTrish is at home. More or less.

One to Grow On

"Basically, I'm a very shy person," says performance artist Trish JusTrish (pictured). "Now the joke is that because I'm terrible at one-on-one relationships, I have my intimate relationships on the stage." On Thursday, May 26, and Friday, May 27, the "Home" event celebrates JusTrish's birthday with the audience for the sixth year running. In past years, she has been crucified, covered in gold paint (which her fans got to remove), and "drowned" in a kiddy pool.

"Instead of New Year's resolutions, I do birthday things. Part of my thing is I'm not a joiner," JusTrish explains. "I create my own things and I want everyone else to join." And examining her life in public is "much more purging and freeing. To draw people into the drama, that's really always what you want," she adds. "You don't want them to just watch you process; you want them to feel that process with you."

The show features guest artists, including Jeff Falk, Steve Gompf, and Tracy Thomas. "There's going to be a lot about how each person defines 'home.' Because it's not a building, to everyone," says JusTrish, who bought a 1940s house in Phoenix two years ago, and is still "learning to love" the property. "I bought a lot of issues to resolve, and they are getting done very, very gradually. I have to resign myself to that, and that's difficult for me. I have a hard time doing things in stages," she says. "It affects my art, too. The house was just part of the package of overwhelm."


"Home" featuring Trish JusTrish

Paper Heart, 750 Grand Avenue

8 p.m. Thursday, May 26, and Friday, May 27. Admission is a donation of a birthday gift for a child in grades K-12, or school or art supplies, or $2. Visit web link or call 602-262-2020.

All proceeds from "Home" benefit the Thomas J. Pappas School for the Homeless. "I guess it's my birthday and I'm navel-gazing and it's kind of an arrogant thing," she adds, "and what better way to make me appreciate what I have instead of obsessing about what's wrong with it?"

Oh, and there will be cake.


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