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Only Just Mets

The Arizona Diamondbacks need us, you guys. At their July 5 home game against the Rockies, attendance at Chase Field was as high as it’s been all season, topping 45,000, and they won that game five to nil. Since then attendance has waned to an average of about half of what it was on that day. Since then, our boys have suffered, with 10 additional losses in July (as of this writing) as well as the loss of the NL West’s first-place spot. There’s such a thing as home field advantage, and our August 9 opponents, the New York Mets, know it well. Let’s get our numbers – and our team’s standing – back where they belong.

Be the D-Backs’ tenth man as they take on the Mets on Friday at 401 East Jefferson Street. The first pitch goes out at 6:40 p.m. Visit or call 602-462-6500 for tickets, $12 and up.

Fri., Aug. 9, 6:40 p.m.; Sat., Aug. 10; Sun., Aug. 11, 2013


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