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Oops, They Did it Again

The Bowl Championship Series is college football’s method of pairing the nation’s best teams.

Yeah, sure.

What the BCS has really turned into is a system that players hate, coaches curse, and politicians are thinking about enacting legislative action against. Basically, the BCS is that big, stinky piece of poo in your morning bran flakes.

The latest victim of the system is the Texas Longhorns, an 11-1 squad that lost, on the road, on the last play of the game, to another one-loss team. But since the physical ’Horns aren’t big into run-and-shoot pass plays and fancy Wildcat formations – attributes that apparently impress voters with “style points” – the boys from Austin got left out of the championship loop.

However, if you live in the Valley or plan to be around University of Phoenix Stadium on Monday, January 5, the Longhorns’ jobbing is your gain, because Texas will take on the 10-2 Ohio State Buckeyes in what should be a pretty entertaining Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

Mon., Jan. 5, 6:20 p.m., 2009


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