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Out of Character

It's hard to imagine taking sound advice from Jason Alexander. We know him as the neurotic and negative George Costanza, who was always too frazzled to offer up anything useful. Even though we’re used to his pitfalls (i.e. - becoming the punch line to many sitcom jokes), we won’t be seeing any of that nonsense when he visits Celebrity Theatre to give a motivational lecture.

Alexander performs as Donny Clay, a character who inspires audiences to "discover the you inside of you!" The hilariously insightful personality is inspired by another of Alexander’s sitcom characters Bob Patterson. Never heard of him? That’s because that ABC sitcom was cancelled after only five episodes in 2001. (Alexander has had more luck with the Bob Patterson/Donny Clay character onstage, since he's brought the tour all over North America.) And don't expect the boring, corporate retreat-type of motivational speaker, because the show also incorporates music and video. Perhaps the best part, Alexander dons a wig for the role, so you'll finally get to see what George would look like with hair.

Sat., Jan. 9, 8 p.m., 2010


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