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Outta the Outback

With Australian singer-songwriter, one-man band and noted didgeridoo enthusiast Xavier Rudd stopping in town this week, we thought this would be a great excuse to compile a Top 10 list of our favorite Australian musical imports. (It was also a great excuse to use the term "didgeridoo enthusiast.")

10. (tie) Kylie Minogue & Olivia Newton-John: These beautiful "sheilas" provided two of the most infectious dance-pop hits of the '80s with "The Loco-Motion" and "Physical," respectively. Newton-John has enjoyed greater success here in the U.S., but Minogue has been much more prolific in recent years. Both have survived breast cancer and are undeniable babes, so we're calling it a toss-up.

9. Rick Springfield: In the early '80s, Springfield was the hunk du jour for women of all ages. Whether he was playing Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital or mulling over the "bros before hos" code in his chart-topper "Jesse's Girl," Springfield struck a chord with American women that few have matched.

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Wed., June 24, 7 p.m., 2009


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