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Planetary Notions

Whether we eat them, pet them or watch their antics on YouTube, we all love animals in our own way. Of course, the people who are bringing the first annual Phoenix-area Blue Planet Film Festival to town would rather you “don’t take a life, save a life” -- but this is Arizona, so they should be happy the event isn’t being combined with a barbecue.

The fest features more than 50 films about environmental and animal welfare, including Dive!, which follows earth-conscious middle class twentysomethings as they spend a year eating food scavenged out of Dumpsters. There’s no turning away from the stark realities flickering across the screen, or the melting glacier exhibit, but consolation abounds. Buy some handmade jewelry, adopt a rescued critter, or chow down at the best snack bar this side of Veganville (think organic s’mores, not muesli and twigs), and you’re on your way to doing your part for the planet.

Admission price includes a vegan buffet.
May 13-15, 2011


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