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Psychostick and Jill Sobule Have Fan-Funded Albums in Common

You might not think that Tempe "humorcore" band Psychostick and Jill Sobule (a.k.a. that chick who sings the other "I Kissed a Girl" song) have much in common, but it turns out they both have some seriously loyal fans. Last year, with the country mired in a recession, Psychostick and Sobule both managed to convince fans they should dig into their pockets and fund the artists' latest albums. Sobule launched a donation Web site in January 2008 and raised more than $75,000 in just 53 days. Later in the year, Psychostick launched its own site (singer Rob "Rawrb" Kersey claims to have never heard of Sobule), which raised about $18,000 to record the band's latest release, Sandwich. In exchange for a $50 donation, Psychostick offered fans a signed copy of the album and a poster. They also thanked every donor by name in the song "373 Thank Yous."

Sandwich is a humor-laced slab of metal that expands on the sound of Psychostick's self-released debut, We Couldn't Think of a Title. Humor has always been an important facet of the band's sound, Kersey says.

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Sun., June 7, 7 p.m., 2009


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