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Recall of the Wild

Tawni Shuler's childhood on a Wyoming farm laid the foundation for her way of seeing and painting. "It's very empty," says the artist, "and you think that it's very still, and yet there are all these small things occurring, all these decompositions, and things are growing -- this huge place and all these small things are going on." Shuler's solo show captures the micromoments of nature's cycle: abstracted forms of earth, water, seed, leaf, fur, feather, and bone, layered time-warpily onto large panels.

"I don't really know at what point it came to be about memory," says Shuler, a master's candidate at ASU, "but I find that fascinating, what we take in and what we edit and what we leave out, and how something that happened so long ago has such a strong presence in our lives, even from 10 or 15 years. How our mind changes that, what we remember -- how is that important?"

Aug. 7-Sept. 6


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