Reviving the Rebellion

Nearly two years after dissapearing from the Valley music scene, Mink Rebellion is staging a one-night reunion at the Clubhouse Music Venue. The alt-rock/power-pop fivesome made something of a splash during 2005/2006, landing relatively high-profile gigs opening for Rooney and Dramarama, as well as getting shopped around to major labels for a possible record deal. And the band owed many of these successes to their connection with Nancy Stevens, one-time program director at The Edge 103.9 who helped manage Mink Rebellion.

The radio veteran took the band "under her wing" (as well as other local outfits like Authority Zero and The Format) and gave them radio play, spots on the line-up of high-profile concerts, and access to A&R reps from major labels. It was all for naught, as no major deals went down and the band broke up in 2007 to pursue other projects. For instance, guitarist Ryan Speer hooked up with Good With Grenades, and frontman Bobby Scott launched Violet Wild with former BlackMoods guitarist Josh Kennedy.

Speer approached local filmmaker/promoter Zach Yoshioka (of K&Z Entertainment) earlier this year and inquired about reuniting for just one night. The result: This weekend's show, which also features performances by Good With Grenades (natch), Bailey's Window, and others.

Fri., March 20, 6:30 p.m., 2009

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