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Riddim and Weep

If you can tell the difference between drum 'n' bass, jungle, breakbeats, and backbeats, then you're probably rocking a picture of Sly & Robbie above your Alesis SR-16. The revered Jamaican duo (a.k.a. "The Riddim Twins") have provided the bass line and beats for virtually every major reggae artist over the past few decades, and they've influenced almost every other style of pop music with their bottom-heavy production values. Throughout their 30-year career, they've invented the digital hiccup, produced hits for Grace Jones, Bob Dylan, and Gwen Stefani, and helped bring the dub genre into the mainstream. That's more than we can say for The Neptunes.

The Twins perform for an audience we can only imagine will be composed of an interesting mix of hardcore reggae fans and recovering (possibly British) electronica addicts, all of whom we suspect can't turn on the washing machine without hearing beats.


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