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Rock This Way

You shunned the road less traveled for the security of a day job. For years, the closest you got to partying like a rock star were the Shop Boyz crammed down your throat. You even gave in to cracking open your cell phone at shows rather than fishing around in your pocket for a lighter. Lame.

Enter Guitar Hero, the video game that threw a plastic ax into your nimble fingers. Long dormant, your hands awoke and pushed you to rock divinity, leaving destroyed riffs in your wake. Then, lo and behold, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith dropped, enabling you to taste the life you could've had from high school gym gigs to a Super Bowl halftime shows.

The Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Rocks the Hard Rock tour rounds up local video-game rockers who'll vie for a trip to Boston to rock for the Bad Boys themselves and possibly score Steven Tyler's custom motorcycle. Competitors must be 21 or over.

Sun., Aug. 10, 7 p.m., 2008


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