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Rope Opera

Professional wrestling is a big ticket these days, but it’s also a dangerous game. Sold-out arenas around the country showcase muscle-bound “sports entertainers” high-diving from the top rope, smashing each other with the nearest folding chair, or knocking out the seemingly oblivious referee.

The fighting frenzy continues at Elite Xtreme Wrestling’s “Xtreme Measures” show. This super-sized smackdown will feature former WWE superstars Val Venis, Tommy Dreamer, and Derek Niekirk, as well as an appearance by current Tough Enough trainer Bill DeMott and a slew of local rasslers. Here’s the kicker: The raw, masculine, soap opera-like dramatics will play out on the Celebrity Theatre’s rotating platform. Hope no one gets dizzy.

Sun., May 29, 7 p.m., 2011


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