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Rural Road

Think rural life is all about idyllic countrysides, rustic charm, and bib overalls? Try lawnmower racing, a Siberian folk artist, OxyContin addicts, and prairie mimes.

This month, No Festival Required brings back the Rural Route Film Festival with a “Best of the Rural Route Film Festival” screening of 13 of the finest films from its first five years. Leaving film and video artists to interpret the word “rural” as they see fit, the screening showcases stories from the Midwest, Wild West, and Appalachian South to Siberia, Canada, and the Argentine desert.

Following the festival’s happy half-hour reception, indie film fans can enjoy screen stories like The Bear Hunter, a portrait of one man and the complications that come with success; Tractor Promenade, a new dance craze in Nemaha, Iowa; and Dental Farmer, the tale of a radical dentist who combines his passion for organic farming with dentistry.

Fri., Aug. 13, 6:30 p.m., 2010


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