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Whether you're a faithful church member or haven't been to a sacred place in ages, there’s something going on locally that may be a reason to make your way into God's home.

At Trinity Episcopal Cathedral’s Olney Gallery, painter Peggy Sample is showcasing her latest works. The local painter works with watercolors and acrylics to create bold, abstract pieces that utilize striking color combinations and dynamic shapes. Her collection in this show is definitely diverse – you're just as likely to see dark scenes where brushstrokes appear violent as you are bright and modern imagery that conveys a sense of positivity.

Sample wants artgoers to be emotionally impacted by her work, which she says is inspired by her experience as a musician. "I hope the viewer will feel my love of color, the energy, and the passion of my work," says Sample. "My paintings are often a response to playing music, feeling the rhythms and a mood of enjoyment. I love music, and it helps me get to my creative part of the brain and expression of self."

Fri., Aug. 6, 2010


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