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Any show featuring new work by Bob Adams is cause for celebration. And “See/Perceive,” in which the longtime local artist offers a series of “feathered paintings,” is an especially giddy party.

Adams’ new works are made up of bits of delicate, brightly colored feather boas, arranged in lively stripes whose textures recall paintbrush strokes -- as if the hair end of a clutch of brushes had dried all fluffy and bright. At last month’s premiere, gallery visitors stood before Adams’ vibrant canvases, lightly blowing on or waving their hands over each of the colorfully striped works, causing the fuzzy facades of each canvas to flutter and wave seductively.

Adams’ canvases are showing alongside Janet Towbin’s new works on paper -- pieces from a series the artist calls “Meditations on a Black Stone.” Each drawing displays obsessive mark-making in graphite on paper. The marks are scrawled in great, swirling masses that look at once like dark, mysterious hairballs.

March 19-April 1; April 3-10, 2010


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