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Admit it. You’ve wasting a good amount of time today (no, the entire day) on the Internet. And we’re sure that you found some engaging, exciting stuff, right? Riiiggghhtt.

We’re only buying that if you posted up for a few hours on the Web site, a spot launched last September by an all-local affiliation of creative types and their video art. The site features folks such as Peter Petrisko, Dena Johnson and her brother Neal, Babs McDonald, and Andrew Jemsek creating supercool episodes of shows like the wise-assed Doc Sterno Wise Advice and the once-popular-onstage-turned-video-podcast Uncle Sku’s Clubhouse, all of which can be seen on the big screen during the Podcast Networking Party. According to Petrisko, the eve will showcase “two to four episodes of each podcast, some one-off film shorts, and all 12 episodes of the Timemorons serial sprinkled throughout the show.”
Tue., Nov. 18, 8:30 p.m., 2008


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