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Six Degrees of Integration

Luck, of the preparation-meets-opportunity type, has been on Ben Kenney's side for a long time. First off, Kenney's punk-tinged rock outfit Supergrub mingled in the Philly underground scene with 3 7000 9, a group of energetic shredders headed by firecracker frontwoman and British transplant Nou-Ra. Thanks to Nou-Ra's association with Black Lily, an all-female performer showcase put together by The Roots, Kenney hooked up with that ultimate hip-hop act. He stuck around for a few years, appearing on The Roots’ magnum opus Phrenology.

Nowadays, the musician’s own work features earnest vocals flirting with driving rhythms and plenty of sonic flares. Check it out when the talented multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and vocalist – who’s moonlighting from his bassist post with spacy alt-rockers Incubus – tips his cards at Martini Ranch & Shaker Room.

Sat., Nov. 22, 6 p.m., 2008


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