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SIX Degrees of Separation

We're all aware of what haunts us every time we attempt to negotiate reality when we look in the mirror. We ask ourselves if we're prettier than the ex, the neighbor, or -- admit it -- the best friend. It's the non-gender-specific spectrum of attractiveness and, like it or not, we all land on it somewhere. So if you work out, eat right, and don't have a face that makes infants cry on sight, you may qualify as one of the beautiful people. Or, at least, one of the above-average people.

Throw in a desire to drink on a Tuesday night and you'd be perfect for Societe Tuesday. This swanky, weekly soiree is the perfect opportunity to see how you measure up. If you find that you're chillin' on the lower end of the spectrum, not to worry -- weekly promotions and giveaways by local physicians, boutiques, and salons will give you a chance to knock 'em dead next time. So suck in those cheeks to show your bone structure and suck in that gut because, well, no uglies allowed.

Tuesdays, 8-10 p.m., 2007


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