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Skank You Very Much

Like a lot of people, I really, really need to be in the mood to listen to third wave ska. And by "in the mood" I mean I need to be in high school again. Still, I kinda dig Tempe's 2 Tone Lizard Kings. Sure, the time I saw them, at last year's Strong Beer Festival, I was pretty drunk, but there really is something endearing about these Toasters-style 2 Toners. They've got a great horn section and some pretty kickin' songs. I especially like "Wayo" and "Sally Brown" (which you can hear on their MySpace). 2TLK advertise themselves as a "keg party with horns,” and it's hard to argue -- they've just perfected the vibe.
Wed., July 7, 9:30 p.m., 2010


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