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Sol Food

Johnny D, a.k.a. John Dixon, has been archiving Arizona music for nearly 50 years and may well harbor the largest record collection in the Southwest, maybe even in the States. He’s been floating in the Ganges River of soul and R&B since his youth, and has kept alive the names of Phoenix funk pioneers like Eddie & Ernie and "Funky Broadway" originators Dyke & the Blazers ever since.

Johnny offers up recipes for foot-shuffling and tail-feather-shaking at the bitchin’ kitchen that is the Phoenix Sol Party. In addition to boogie-filled sides, Johnny D will kick out some Latin American jams from his recent acquisition of 20,000 records formerly housed in Spanish-language jukeboxes across California.

One Peso, Edgar Allen Eko, and Djentrification will also be on hand to add their grooves to the mix. Djent says the capirotada-like convergence should be kaleidoscopic in its wonder. "It's a good chance to hear good, overlooked music. I really do believe Phoenix is like 1,000 worlds overlapping."

Thu., April 24, 9:30 p.m., 2008


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