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Squid Pro Quo

A couple of months ago, Matt Brown bashed the heck out of a bunch of old computers to create what he calls "robotic sculpture." This time around, he and several cohorts are constructing a humongous papier-mâché squid. This is the sort of creative otherness you'll experience at Brown's event The Giant Show: House of Flying Paint II, scheduled for Saturday, August 20, at Alice Cooper'stown.

Brown is a promoter/scenester best known for his affiliation with the Tempe Art Walk, and he's a man on an artistic mission. His goal is to cross-pollinate the local art and music scenes with his cool, ongoing series of multimedia shows.


The Giant Show: House of Flying Paint II

Alice Cooper'stown, 101 East Jackson Street

Scheduled for 8 p.m. Saturday, August 20, to 12:30 a.m. Advance tickets are $6, available at Swell Records, Headquarters, and the Graffiti Shop. Tickets cost $10 at the door. Call 602-253-7337. Brown encourages local artists who want to display their works at this or upcoming events to e-mail him at

Flying Paint I, held at the Big Fish Sports Club in Tempe, featured 15 artists and several local bands. Flying Paint II ups the ante with 30-odd artists who will create art on the spot, plus five musical acts -- locals Attack of the Giant Squid, Simplfy, Cigar Box, and Mossy Rocks, as well as the national touring act ReVel -- providing an aural backdrop. Artists who will be displaying and selling their wares include Tara Miller, Jay Fail, Glen Allen, and J.J. Horner, along with graffiti artists Tyson and Mix & Rachel. (A detail from Miller's work is pictured.) "We're going to take the dungeon at Cooper'stown and turn it into a big art gallery," says Brown.

The ultimate point of the show, and the series, he says, is "to educate people about art, which is not just about throwing paint on a canvas. It's about how a painting is actually made." Not to mention robotic sculpture and giant mollusks.


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